Transitioning from an inpatient treatment program to life in recovery can be a difficult process. Stonecrop is a structured sober living residence where women can start to reclaim and rebuild their lives. Our structured sober living model encompasses accountability, 12 step principles, and life skills encouragement to assist in meeting the challenges of lasting recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous frameworks a specific outline for living which address all areas of addiction, specifically mind, body, and spirit. Through constant action and practice of the 12 step principles, we are able to gain freedom and lasting recovery.

At Stonecrop, we believe the 12 step model to be most effective in treating the three-fold illness of addiction. Living life through 12 step principles can be a challenging and somewhat difficult task. It is our mission to guide women along this new path of life in recovery. There are often times when other support is necessary that is beyond the scope of the 12 step model. Through experience, we are able to provide professional referrals and growing support to our residents.

We believe that service work and helping others is the largest contributing factor to a life of fulfillment. Residents of Stonecrop are active members in their Burlington community. They are also strong members of their 12 step community.

Addiction is a family disease. Not only does it take a hold on the individual, but the family unit as well. At Stonecrop, we understand that in order for the individual to have lasting recovery, the family must be supported as well. Healing of a family takes time.  We are able to provide support to the family while their loved one is a resident with us.

One of the unique features of Stonecrop are the groups we offer teaching multiple life skills to our residents. Part of living life in recovery is learning to do basic life skills that many brush aside as not important. We offer various groups such as resume building, job interview coaching, and cooking classes, just to name a few. We are always adding enriching life skills groups to meet the needs of our ever changing population of residents.

Once drugs and alcohol are removed, we often realize there are other debilitating behaviors that can appear. These behaviors can act as a barrier to gaining ultimate freedom and lasting recovery. At Stonecrop, we offer support and guidance to each resident while they trudge through their own personal 12 step conduct work. We are able to point them in the right direction of removing anything that blocks them from rebuilding their life.

To be successful in the treatment of addiction, you must be accountable to yourself and others.  This includes the following expectations and requirements.


  • Each resident is expected to remain abstinent from all mood or mind-altering substance
  • Participate in 12 step work with a sponsor
  • Live by spiritual principles
  • Follow all house rules
  • Maintain full-time work or school
  • Remain accountable to self and others