How We Can Help

There are often times where other support is necessary that is beyond the scope of the 12 step model. Navigating through the substance abuse treatment industry can be overwhelming and daunting for some. Through experience, we are able to provide professional referrals and growing support to our residents and their families. At Stonecrop, we are able to help guide you and your loved one to making the appropriate referral choice.

Initial Dialogue is the first step in finding adequate treatment. We are able to go over necessary information required to move forward with the next plan of action. This consultation will end with a solid plan of action for recovery.

We are also experienced in Interventions and Recovery Management. When a loved one is a “treatment resistant” type, quite often intervention is the best option. We provide interventions to meet the specific needs of each and every family. Recovery management allows us to provide organization to the recovery plan. We are able to guide the individual through all of their action steps toward a life of freedom from addiction.

The Family Foundation and Support is vital to the recovery process. It is critical for families to be involved in their loved one’s treatment not only to understand the addiction but because family is a huge support system. When the family has a strong foundation and support, it drastically improves the individual’s chance of long-term sobriety. We guide families through their own recovery and connect them to the resources they need in order to regain their life of freedom from their loved one’s addiction.